What You Need To Know About 457 Visa

You Need To Know About 457 Visa


The 457 visa is considered as the most common visa in Australia for any overseas or Australian employee. The visa gives the individual the freedom to sponsor skilled overseas workers to come over to work in Australia temporarily.  The Turnbull government had, however, abolished it since 2018 and it has now been replaced by another category of visa.  Its name was Temporary Business (Long Stay) and it was originally introduced in 1996 after John Howard became the Australian Prime Minister.  On November 2012, the visa had its title changed to Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visa and application for this visa was processed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The requirements

Those who hold the 457 visa can be hired by any of the companies in Australia to work for up to 4 years and they can equally bring any eligible member of their family along. The member of the family will have the right to study and work in Australia. If the person or entity you are sponsoring is a start-up business or it has traded in the country for not up to 12 months, the visa can then be granted to cover 18 months.  Those who are holding the visa will not be limited on how many times they can travel to and from Australia within the period that the visa is valid. You can also easily get the 457 visa resource from insurance too bank accounts. As hinted earlier, the visa is granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which is also responsible for approving the employers.

Why you need 457visacompare

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