What to Put in Christmas Hampers?

Put in Christmas Hampers


Christmas is quickly approaching! And of course, Christmas hampers are knocking in your doorway. There is nothing more satisfying than giving and receiving a hamper full of Christmas goodies for your families, friends, or loved ones! Christmas is a day of giving and loving to show your utmost generosity to others.

As Christmas is getting nearer day by day, you may see yourself busy shopping which goodies to put on gourmet gift hampers & chrismtas hampers to give. But some essential goodies need to be put into the basket which can make any Christmas hamper a memorable and heartfelt gift ever.

Here are the most awaited lists of goodies that every Christmas hamper should have.

Chocolates and Biscuits

Who wouldn’t love chocolates and biscuits? Kids, youngsters, adults, and oldies will surely love chocolates and cookies! These goodies are popular not only in Holiday seasons but on every occasion as well. It is perfect for giving as a thank you gift, congratulatory, birthday present, celebrating retirement, and many more. Chocolates and biscuits will surely fit the taste of any person who’ll receive this delicious Christmas hamper.


Aussies love cheese! So, including cheese on your Christmas hamper will make them happy. Consider buying a tasteful miniature cheese box and cheddar cheese to complement the basket. Also, try adding some mozzarella, parmesan, and cheese spread for the family to enjoy. Don’t forget to include a few biscuits or delicious crackers to partner up with the cheese!


Without nuts, Christmas hampers would be boring. Box of different nuts and seeds will be the best goodies to add on. It is recommended to put them on a box which can make the appearance more catchy and attractive for nut-eaters. It is perfect for the family who loves eating a handful of snack during a busy morning doing nothing but eating nuts.


Christmas hampers are not complete without a bottle of wine. It is often called as the quintessential centerpiece of every Christmas hamper. Aside from wine, other drinking liquids will also compliment the hampers such as gin, tequila, mulled cider, etc. But for others, a good bottle of red wine can last for a long time.


Of course, a Christmas hamper without pies on it is a no brainer. For others, pies symbolize that today is the “Christmas Day!” Moreover, pies are famous for children who wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. They use it to lure and catch Rudolph and Santa leaving some gifts on their Christmas tree.


Keep in mind that Christmas hampers are not all about goods and foods. Giving some fresh flowers on the baskets can make an adorable gift to someone. It provides a vibe of happiness, friendship, and love to others. It is also the best way to create a personal message on your hamper. Each flower serves different meanings, for example:

  • Carnation – symbolizes the love of a mother; This is perfect if you’re giving the basket to your mother or mother-in-law
  • Gardenia – It symbolizes sweetness; This is perfect for a sweet friend of yours
  • Hydrangea – this flower can be used to express your gratitude to someone
  • Alstroemeria – it symbolizes good fortune and friendships

The essence of Christmas doesn’t end with giving gifts with someone; it’s the thoughts that matter. So regardless of the kind of gifts you’re offering, as long as you remember them with your heart’s content, then sure, the receiver will feel delightful.

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