What to prefer Repair or replacement of a washing machine?

What to prefer Repair or replacement of a washing machine?


Owning a washing machine is no longer a matter of pride. It has become an appliance of necessity! 

You have a whole load of clothes to wash, and your laundry basket is screaming for help! 

The office work has made you feel tired while the sight of clothes stuffed inside the basket sucks! 

You get up early in the morning to stuff the clothes in your washer and switch on the machine. The appliance gives a loud noise and keeps quite. 

Now you understand that there is something wrong with your washer. If you are wondering whether you have to buy a new washer or call a professional to fix your pricey appliance, read on!

The main thing you have to do when an appliance fails is to ask yourself some questions.

  • What is the exact cause of an appliance failure?
  • Is buying a new washer affordable?
  • What are the features of the washing machine I am looking for?
  • Can I make it work for a little longer if I call a washer repairman?
  • Do I have a warranty for the existing washer?
  • If your washer is an old one, how long does a washer work? The lifespan of an appliance.

Can I go for DIY to repair the washer?

Sometimes you may know what has gone wrong with your washer. In such a case, calling a professional to look into the washer repair problem doesn’t make sense. If there is a minor error that is hindering the working of a washer, you can decide to replace it with a spare part. It is not going to eat up all your savings. Instead, if there is a major problem with the washer that will cost you a lot, you can decide to replace your washing machine.

If there is some problem with the belt or pulleys, you can easily replace them. If there is a motor problem, call a professional to fix it. The tub of the washer is damaged, and you are torn between the opinion of whether to replace the washer or repair it. No doubt, you have to discard the appliance and lookout for a new one.

Good Time to Replace?

Before you give yourself the approval to buy a new appliance, check for the year you bought the appliance. Knowing the life span of a washer would help you to conclude whether to buy or repair your washer. A washer may last for 10 years. You pull out the purchase bill of your present washer and find the appliance is 11 years old. Close your eyes and discard the idea of washer repair. Buy a new one. The washer has worn out completely and needs a replacement at the earliest. There are lots of consumer reports that ask customers to replace a machine after 8 years.

If you find your washer is under warranty period, call a repairman to diagnose the problem. After finding out the exact reason, the company will repair or replace your washer.

Is it worth spending on the repair? 

In ordinary cases, when the washer repair cost is half the price of the appliance, you can throw the washer away and buy a new one. It is also advisable to discard an old one if it is not an energy-saving appliance. Discarding it will put more money into your pocket due to energy consumption.

When you need a new one? 

When you look at your electric bill and feel you are paying too much for it than your neighbor, you may not be using an energy-saving appliance. There are many energy-saving, user-friendly appliances in the markets recently. When you shop for a new one, check for the energy guide label on it. They consume less energy and help you to save a lot of money.

Do you prefer style to utility? 

If you love to spruce up your kitchen with a washer complementing the color of the appliances in it, go for a new one. It would be always better to go for one that offers greater utility than the appearance of the room.

Bottom Line: 

In short, there are certain times when you have to decide on the question of washer repair or washer replacement. If you are satisfied with the working of the washer after a repair, postpone the idea of buying a new one. You have to decide whether you want a washer with a new design or an old one, which offers better utility or features in it. If the problem can be fixed without shelling out a lot of money, go for it. The new one is attractive, and you are looking for one exactly like that, go for a new one. Either way, call an expert to find out the error in the machine. Decide after discussing with the professional whether to repair or replace the appliance.

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