What to do when your laptop is overheating?

laptop is overheating?


Is your laptop overheating? Maybe you’re using it excessively without giving it a break. If you ignore the overheating problem of your device, there can be huge damage to it. According to the best-in-class laptop repair experts, you should keep a check on the quality of your laptop hardware. Also, you should be gentle while using it, including avoiding installing/using multiple heavy programs at a single point, etc.

Before jumping on the ways to fix an overheated laptop, you should know about the reasons for laptop overheating.

Reasons for Laptop Overheating

  1. The very first reason for an overheating device might be covered air vents. The air vents regulate the heat from the laptop continuously to keep it cool during use. Whenever you place it on an uneven surface like your lap, bed, or pillow, the air vents are unable to dissipate heat from the laptop.
  2. Secondly, the dirty fan of your laptop struggles to lower down the device temperature.
  3. Other issues like dry thermal paste, exhausted battery, or damaged hardware can lead to laptop overheating.
  4. Most laptops stay in the cooling condition through their bottoms. Surfaces like a blanket, pillow block the laptop’s airflow. This results in extreme heat, your laptop gets heat, the temperature of cooling air increases, and subsequently, the laptop gets overheated. This situation is avoided by keeping the laptop on a rough surface. You can use the laptop holder to avoid unnecessary issues.

Determining the Problem of Laptop Overheating

Here are some signs that can help you determine that your laptop is suffering from overheating and needs immediate laptop repair service at home.

  • Your device performs very slowly even for basic jobs like opening and closing of the browser
  • Programs, software, and applications hang a lot
  • Mouse, keyboard, and other laptop accessories stop working
  • Your laptop gets turned off for no reason
  • Takes too long to get turned on/off
  • Warning messages for device overheating

Ways to Prevent Laptop Overheating

You can either follow these techniques yourself to correct the problem of laptop overheating or get help for laptop repair in Ghazizbad or any region by experts.

  1. Shut down your laptop and unplug the power cable to cut down any electricity supply
  2. Check the air vents and fan of the device for dirt blockage. They can be found either under the back panel or at the sides.
  3. Clean the air vents with compressed air. It can reduce the problem of overheating as it can cool down the device.
  4. Apart from cleaning the fan and air vents, make sure you do not overcharge your laptop as it takes up the device temperature.

If your laptop still overheats, a laptop repair service provider near you can examine it thoroughly for more issues and optimize it accordingly!

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