What is lapis lazuli?

What is lapis lazuli


Lapis lazuli is the most sought and demanded gemstones. It is a beautiful and powerful gemstone. It has the greatest history of mining the gemstone. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used this stone crushed powder as the eye shadow in around 4000 BC. This dark colored stone is the symbol of the planets Neptune and Venus. It is the birthstone of September born. Lapis Lazuli is a 9th Anniversary gemstone. It symbolizes the love, faith, and wisdom.

The most favored zodiac sign by this lapis lazuli gemstone is Sagittarius. It is also called as the stone of wisdom and truth. It helps in the self-enlightenment of the wearer. This gemstone is the quintessential symbol of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Afghanistan has been the biggest source of the lapis lazuli stone in the present time. Afghanistan supplies the natural and best quality stone in the gemstone market. But the synthetic stone is also available in the market.

Why do people use lapis lazuli?

The lapis lazuli stone can be used in jewelry as rings, pendants, necklace, and bracelets. By wearing this stone, the wearer is highly benefited in different fields. The most significant benefit for the wearer is the self-realization and knowing own inner-self. As the stone is called as the healing stone, it helps in the metal, physical, psychological and spiritual healings. Often, people use this stone because it is easily available in the international gemstone markets.

  • Physical healings

Lapis lazuli stone has been used since ancient time for the physical cure. It helps in the speedy recovery of any diseases. The stone has the unique energy that increases the immunity system. It shields the wearer from catching any viral disease. Lapis lazuli stone is used to purify the blood, soothe inflammations, lower blood pressure, alleviate insomnia and vertigo. For the people who have weak respiration and nervous system, lapis lazuli is the highly recommended stone.

  • Psychological healing

To enhance the inner self psychologically, lapis lazuli is the best gemstone out there. It helps in self-realization, self enhancement and boosts the self-confidence. As lapis lazuli is the stone of wisdom and truth, it promotes yourself to be honest, truthful and loyal. It changes the perception of you to see the things around. Lapis lazuli also aids in the emotional healing of the wearer. For the emotional and psychological breakdowns, the stone takes cares and makes you emotionally strong.

  • Spiritual healings

Lapis lazuli is responsible to balance the chakras in your body. It balances the energy inside the body and connects the mind and body with divine power. The lapis lazuli stone balances the throat, crown, and brow chakras. Bow chakra is also called as the third eye chakra which is extremely powerful. Hence, the lapis lazuli gemstone helps in balancing the spiritual energies in your body. It connects the divine energy between mind and soul.

  • Most of the people wear this stone because it is easily available, cheap, but beautiful and extremely beneficial. It can be used in any form of jewelry. Most of the people use it in the ring because the blue stone in ring suits almost everyone.
  • People often use this stone for meditation. During meditation, if you keep this stone near you then it calms your mind and body. It enhances the creativity, boosts your self-confidence and empowers the self-enlightenment.
  • The unique vibration of this stone encourages you to be loyal, faithful and more obedient in your work.
  • The stone is famous for protecting the owner from the evil eyes and energies. It shields the negative thoughts and energies to enter your mind and body.

Sources of lapis lazuli gemstone:

The biggest source of the lapis lazuli stone is Afghanistan. The mines in northern Afghanistan are still the biggest supplier of the lapis lazuli stone. Besides, Italy, Mongolia, the United States, and Canada has also been supplying the lapis lazuli stone in small quantities. The stone mined in a different place has the different quality. So, the prices of the stone differ according to the quality of the stone. The high-quality lapis lazuli Price will be around $100–150 per carat which is usually importedfrom Afghanistan.

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