Wedding Menu Planning Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Budget

Wedding Menu Planning Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Budget


There are many things soon to be married couples can cut back when planning their wedding. The budget for everything including the flowers, the wedding dress, and wedding favors can be minimal. However, when it comes to budgeting the food, it can get complicated.

No couple wants to be known as the one whose wedding had terrible food. That’s a reputation that will be hard to shake, even between close friends and family. The only way to avoid bad food during the reception is to hire professional caterers for weddings and working closely with them.

Here are a few tips and ideas to share with the caterer if you want to bring down the costs without sacrificing quality, safety, and taste:

Tip 1: Choose The Right Time

Couples who want to share their special moment with many of their friends and relatives but don’t have enough to host a big dinner should consider throwing their wedding earlier. Although it doesn’t seem very romantic, wedding receptions that are held during lunchtime or mid-afternoon tend to cost less than dinner.

Professional caterers for weddings can create delicious light snacks or elegant hors d’oeuvres for guests to enjoy. Choosing the right time to hold the reception can give couples the option of feeding their guests the best hors d’oeuvres without spending too much.

Tip 2: Send Out RSVPs

It is common practice for couples to send out the RSVPs for their guests with deadlines. To make budgeting easier, especially if the reception meal is a sit down plated event, the food choices should be included in the RSVP. This way the couple or their wedding planner can coordinate with the caterer on the number of plates to prepare.

This helps cut down on food waste and unnecessary expenses on food that won’t even be eaten.

Tip 3: Dessert As Favors

Choosing to offer a dessert bar instead of spending on wedding favors is practical and smart when budgeting for your wedding. Not everyone is willing to bring home the wedding favor, but almost everyone will want some dessert after their meal. Why not hit two birds with one stone and save some money along the way by turning the dessert table into a make your own favorite dessert bar instead?

It’s fun, interactive, and most of all, it helps to keep you on a strict budget!

Tip 4: Consider A Buffet Style Meal

Although it isn’t the most formal way to dine during the reception, there’s no denying that buffets are cheaper than plated meals. Buffets require less wait staff and also allow your guests to portion their food themselves. They can take as many or as little as they want so that no one goes unsatisfied.

Tip 5: Hire The Best Caterers In Town

As long as you work with an excellent catering company, a buffet on your wedding day can be as classy and elegant as a five-course meal, without the exaggerated price tag of course.

Plan the wedding menu with your caterer as soon as possible to avoid last-minute changes that will cost you extra.

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