Ways to Get a Liquor License in Florida

Get a Liquor License in Florida


If you are looking to sell beer, wine or liquor in Florida, licensing is a major factor before starting the business. The license can be acquired from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. There are two major licenses that are available in Florida when it comes to liquor businesses. Acquiring any one is important to prevent legal complications. Quota license is pivotal for alcohol companies that provide full-service. This license is offered once a year on the basis of the lottery. The second type of license is SRX. It is a type of special license applicable to specific restaurants. It can be obtained if the overall profit of a year in a restaurant comes from food.

Important factors to consider

Actually, there are fifty-four types of subcategories in licensing. The categorization of licensing is based on which type of business you are dealing with. You must have several important documents before sending an application to the licensing board. Also, check with the system in your city to discern whether or not, the location in which you’re looking to start your business falls under the zoning. This means, before starting a business in a specific location do not forget to check the zoning system. The documenting for zoning approval is also important to run a liquor shop in Florida. If you type “how to get a liquor license in florida” on the Internet, you can find all the information required for the same. From the perspective of safety and sanitation getting health approval is crucial. This can be acquired from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. This is required if your restaurant is serving food. On the contrary, if the eatery’s menu does not include much of a food, the license can be obtained from the County Health Authority or Department of Health.

Other crucial points before starting the liquor shop

Fingerprinting is an important part of the respect of liquor shops in Florida. To meet such requirements, Florida takes help from PearsonVue. You must get a certification cleared from PearsonVue along with the application. Also, do not forget to get a copy of the documents. Get the social security numbers for the person who is in charge of the application of liquor license. Whatever be the type of liquor shop you are running, make sure it is registered appropriately with the concerned governing body in Florida. The identification number for federal employer plays an important part in the game of licensing.

At the initial stage, you must draw a clear picture of the business to help with the application. However, bear in mind renders from the perspective of architecture may not be accepted. Depending on the situation, it’s wise to keep a copy of the certificate when it comes to arresting disposition. Well, this is basically required if you have answered yes to the question that asks whether or not you have a criminal background.

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