Unwind yourself after those taxing times – Expert tips

Unwind yourself after those taxing times – Expert tips


Considering the time we are living in, most of us are confined to our homes and our hands are full with household chores as well as our office tasks. With the new norm being working from home, there is so much of stress everyday. ‘Oh! Such a stressful day it was!’ This is something most of us wonder at the end of the day.

But did you know that there are several ways of de-stressing? So, if you’re wondering about how to relax after a long stressful day, here are few ways of relax.

  • Practice deep breathing

Doing breathing exercises is the most underrated part of working out as very few knows its importance. Take a deep breath, hold it for few seconds and then release it. Try to count till 10 while exhaling. When you’re under extreme stress, you can feel the stress flowing out along with your breath. Keep repeating this for 10 times.

  • Massage yourself

How about self-massaging when you don’t have anyone to pamper you after a long stressful day? Massage your neck, head, shoulders and lower back as this will help you a lot. If you have your partner, you can ask him to do it as well. Another way of relaxation is to tense up and relax every muscle of your body.

  • Go out for a brisk walk

When you’re in the middle of stress, you can go out for a morning or evening walk around your building. Walking is usually considered as a great way of letting go of the tension and helping you in re-focusing on your work.

  • Workout for 30 mins

Any form of exercise would do even if that means swimming in a pool. You can also go out for biking during sunrise or sunset. How about a short run near your building? By performing daily exercises, you can keep the stress out of your body and mind. If you don’t have too much time for exercising after all your household chores, try and take out 15 minutes.

  • Meditate in the morning

No, if you think that you need to be trained in order to perform meditation, you’re wrong. You can just sit somewhere, close your eyes, try and relax and focus on your breathing. Try to focus on the breath coming on to your body and mind and then releasing it. In case there are other things that come to your head, acknowledge them but focus on your breathing.

  • Disconnect from the social world

Turn off your computer, turn off your phone and disconnect yourself from the outside world. They only increase your stress level. After all that stress, it’s high time you forget the outside world and accept yourself as you are. If you love to read, read a good book and de-stress.

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