Tips to Excel in Class 8 Science Exam

Class 8 Science Exam


Science is a very vast subject, which provides a comprehensive framework about various topics. It is one of the most important and compulsory subjects, which requires hard work before moving to the next, higher levels of education. Some students find Science tough, but many others enjoy this subject, as it makes students aware of various facts.

Exams are a crucial time for every student. Science exams can be challenging tasks for many students as they are seen busy with their preparations, referring to their class notes, NCERT textbooks, and NCERT  solutions of science for class 8. These books provide, in detail, solutions for every question, along with examples and diagrams.

Scoring good marks in Science may seem to be a major issue for some students.  To help students prepare, here are some essential and easy study techniques that students can follow, and perform better in their exams.

Important Study Tips to Excel in the Science Exam

  • The best way of beginning with the preparation is by planning according to the current and updated syllabus.
  • Be regular to the class, stay attentive, and note down every important point discussed by your teachers, during class hours.
  • Prepare flow charts and a list of all the important formulae and equations on a sheet of paper, which makes it more accessible during revisions.
  • Practise more by writing answers. This helps in remembering the learned concepts for a longer time.
  • Practise more drawing with their labels, as they will help in scoring marks. Refer to other Class 8 notes and NCERT textbooks for all basic terminologies.

Prepare a list of chapters and make a note of the following:

  1. How many questions are there?
  2. Make a list of difficult and easy topics.
  3. How much time to allow for each topic?
  4. How important is each topic/unit/question?
  5. How much study materials are students required to cover?
  • Never forget to practise more sample papers and previous years’ question papers to understand the marking scheme and patterns.
  • Try to complete the syllabus on time, and never skip any topic as it may be important, from the exam point of view.
  • Compared to other subjects, Science is an amalgam of diagrams and terminologies. Therefore, it is important to memorise them, after understanding the terms.
  • Stay away from all sorts of distractions, and avoid studying in front of the television or the computer.


Science is a subject with a systematic approach that collects and builds knowledge.

It is the practical study of the natural world, living and nonliving things, nature, structure, functions and behaviour of different animals, birds, insects, plants, agriculture, crop production and management and a lot more. This subject includes the study of many discoveries, inventions and experiments that help students learn a lot more about the world and the environment in which we all live today.

We hope these effective tips will be pretty helpful while preparing for the Science exam.

All the best.

Stay tuned for more essential topics from the exam point of view – tips, guidance, and other study materials.

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