The Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs – What Do Vets Say

The Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs


Each dog has its own nutritional needs, and senior dogs require special care. When your beloved friend reaches the golden years of his life, you need to consider major changes in his diet. Pet parents are often confused about what is the best brand of dog food to feed their dogs. Even if they find the best brand for their dog, he might refuse to eat it. It is here that you need to consult a good expert on dog food and health like a vet for guidance.

The best dog food for your senior furry friend- What do experts suggest?

When it comes to the best dog food for your senior dog, most pet parents are confused and worried. Experts say that you do not have to be anxious about your dog and his dietary needs, as it actually depends upon the breed you have. Medically there is no uniform definition of what a senior dog is. As mentioned above, every dog is unique and different. So, the first step for you as a pet parent is to determine the weight, size, and age of your dog. For instance, the giant size dogs like the Great Dane has a shorter life expectancy. They are considered a senior dog when they reach the age of 5 or 6 years old. The smaller breeds of dogs like Beagles live longer, and they become senior dogs at the age of 8 and 9 years old. However, one should note that even after reaching these ages, some senior dogs are very healthy.

Identify the signs of age in dogs before switching to dog food with richer nutrients to help them stay healthy

The following are the signs of aging in dogs-

  1. Problems with vision
  2. Skin issues
  3. Weight loss or gain
  4. Excessive drooling, bad breath and other symptoms of dental issues

Vets state that pet parents should note the difference between aging and geriatric dogs. The geriatric dogs are those that have reached the end of their senior age. They not only display the above signs of aging, but they show signs of memory loss, muscle loss, changes in their behavior, and sleep patterns. They will have issues with bone and mobility, as well.

How does senior dog food differ from regular dog food?

If you take a look at most of the dog food brands in the market today, you will find the label does not generally say the brand is fit for senior dogs or dogs of a certain age. This is one of the primary sources of confusion that pet owners face. It is prudent to consult your vet and ask him about the best food you can give to your senior dog.

Vets suggest that the best dog food for your senior dog will be soft in texture and easy to digest. Some brands have added nutrients to deal with dental issues as they are packed with supplements. The dog food will also have an extra dose of antioxidants, Omega-3, and MCTs as well.

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