Several Ways To Take Hemp Oil

Several Ways To Take Hemp Oil


Hemp oil has several prospective benefits. Hemp oil can help to decrease discomfort that is caused by damage in the nerves, decrease the feeling of nausea, and momentarily get rid of glaucoma like symptoms. There are several ways that an individual can take hemp oil.

How To Take Hemp Oil For Pain Relief

One way to take hemp oil is through the form of an oil tincture. This form comes in a bottle. You take up to 2 drops and place the drops right under the tongue. Let the hemp oil tincture stay underneath the tongue for up to 90 seconds. After 90 seconds swallow the hemp oil and any that is left after swallowing move all around the cheeks. Using hemp oil in this type of form can help to temporarily relieve discomfort and pain.

Another way to take hemp oil to relieve discomfort is through vaping. A reusable electric cigarette can be used to vaporize hemp oil. It is important to have the right tank attached to the electrical cigarette that is specifically used for the purpose of hemp oil intake.

Hemp oil can also be used to help with areas of the skin. If the skin is irritated or dry a topical oil based hemp can be used to relieve the discomfort. You take the hemp oil and apply a small amount to different areas of the skin that need to be treated. Hemp oil can be put on the skin throughout the day as needed.

How To Take Hemp Oil While Cooking

Hemp oil can also be incorporated while cooking. One way hemp oil can be used while cooking is using it to make a dressing for a salad. Mix together hemp oil, white vinegar, chopped garlic, and some pepper to make a healthy salad dressing.

Hemp oil can be used in hummus. Hemp oil has a very nutty and organic flavor. Adding hemp oil to hummus helps the hummus to have an additional rich and enjoyable taste.

Hemp oil can also be used to make pesto. Since pesto has a very earthy taste hemp oil pairs very well with it. Take a food processor and put basil, parmesan cheese, hemp oil, salt, and garlic in the processor. Blend very well together and you have a healthy hemp oil pesto to enjoy.

In conclusion, there are several ways to incorporate hemp oil into your daily life.

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