Reasons For Rejection Of Your Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

Two Wheeler Insurance Claim


You might be having two wheeler insurance with you but do you know that there are instances when your claim can stand null and void? Here you will get to know why.

Two wheeler insurance provides greater monetary cover to shield your vehicle from unforeseen occasions, for example, street mishaps/crash, harms, outsider obligation, and so forth yet a refusal from your back up plan to settle the case can be the enormous shock. Thus, it is basic to be cautious while purchasing an arrangement and you should likewise revaluate the subtleties of the approaches you are holding.

Reasons why your two-wheeler insurance claim gets rejected

  1. Getting the vehicle fixed without any kind of supervision from the insurance company after the mishap: It is the most well-known error that a large number of you make. You might be interested to fix your bike without any supervision from the insurance company and afterward reach the agency for the settlement. Therefore, the safety net provider can’t follow back the mishap and the fixes and in the long run reject your case. To keep away from such circumstance, dependably advise the insurance agency before getting the vehicle fixed. The organization expert will investigate the harm from their end, assess the expense of harm and help you get the best arrangement for fixing the harm caused to your bike.
  2. Drink and drive: If an individual is discovered in a drunken state at the season of a mishap, at that point an insurance agency has all the privilege to dismiss the case. Ordinarily, individuals attempt to conceal that they did not drink while riding a bicycle. This may work now and again where the mishap is minor, and the driver does not get the chance to perceive any police or healing facility. Be that as it may, in the other case, healing facilities i.e. hospital or nursing home display this data to police and after that you can’t anticipate protection inclusion. Or maybe an intense criminal activity can be prompted against you in the event that you end up doing something similar to this.
  3. When you miss transferring the name in your policy copy: People enthused about purchasing utilized bikes can confront a case dismissal in future on the off chance that they neglect to move their name in the policy copy. In such situations where exchange conventions have not been done, the arrangement is viewed as invalid and won’t assist you with settling the case.
  4. Forget to lodge the case within a stipulated time: Always advise the case within a time span of 48 to 72 hours of the harm caused. On the off chance that you neglect to do so, insurance agencies can dismiss your case. Additionally, in the event that you harm your vehicle in an accident and the motor gets harmed as well, yet you keep driving it resulting the same to get more damaged, the arrangement guaranteed will consequently be dismissed by the guarantor.
  5. Driving License: Driving licenses are legitimate for a more extended span. After this period, you have to re-establish it. It is critical supposing that your vehicle meets a mishap at a time when your driving permit isn’t legitimate, at that point bike protection will be rendered futile and it very well may be the prime explanation for the dismissal of your case as well.

Final Words

Despite the fact that purchasing bike protection is to a great degree savvy venture as it can spare you from sudden expenses, however they assure to keep you and your bike safe. Be straightforward and safe, rather than being thoughtless and heedless. Insurance agencies will love you for it and help you the most.

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