Ram V Chary Discusses The Benefits Of Infrastructure Outsourcing

Ram V Chary Discusses The Benefits Of Infrastructure Outsourcing


Running a business organization is no way an easy task. A lot of time and resources are required to ensure the success of any business. In the opinion of Ram V Chary while business owners have seemingly unending tasks, one of their core responsibilities to manage all of their employees. However, it is prudent to note that business owners can even outsource that work for a cheaper cost, and in many cases, it would be a much smarter decision to do so. Infrastructure outsourcing is a common business practice. Mr Chary himself has worked at IBM Global Services, Inc. in infrastructure outsourcing and technology consulting, and hence is well versed with the need and advantage of this business trend.

Businesses across the globe, including the United States, are slowly but surely accepting the trend of infrastructure outsourcing. Ram V Chary that this process not only increases efficiency but also helps in freeing up both time and money for a firm. Mr Chary is quite an experienced industry professional who has held multiple executive positions in his career, such as the head of the technology division at Fidelity National Information Services, Inc., CEO and president of Multimedia Games Holding Company, Inc., as well as the executive vice president of Global Commercial Services. His years in the industry, and especially his work experience at IBM, have made him the perfect candidate to talk about the advantages of infrastructure outsourcing.

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Here are a few points where Ram V Chary highlights the beneficial aspects of infrastructure outsourcing:

  • It saves money: Outsourcing and redistributing responsibilities, especially when it comes to IT, can save a business a good sum of money. As per certain reports, around 80% of small businesses with less than 300 employees tend to save a good sum of money by leveraging the process of outsourcing. Most of the firms that provide infrastructure outsourcing services tend to be equipped with high-end software and devices. While in many cases, small scale entrepreneurs would have required a business loan to purchase such items.
  • It saves time: Modern world is extremely fast paced. Everyone nowadays tends to scour for ways to save time and make the maximum utilization of the 24hours of a day. Infrastructure outsourcing services helps firms to free up a good amount of the time of the employees of a firm as they do not have to worry about IT functions, and hence they get to focus on other aspects of their company instead. In the majority of the cases, IT is a supportive service for the business, and not the end-goal of these firms. Outsourcing allows entrepreneurs to put more effort into growing and scaling their business, without having to deal with any additional hassle.
  • It increases flexibility: There are cases when companies grow so rapidly that it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with their requirements internally. Especially if a small scale business flourishes suddenly, it won’t have the needed in-house IT support required by it. Outsourcing infrastructure services provide companies with much-needed flexibility in operations.

According to Ram V Chary there are many companies across the world to whom businesses can outsource their IT infrastructure related functions.

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