Nabil Fakih – Why Modern Pharmacies Have a Mobile App

Nabil Fakih - Why Modern Pharmacies Have a Mobile App


Modern pharmacies are embracing technology to improve patient care, convenience, and management. Today, patients are using smartphones and other mobile devices. They search for pharmacies with a digital presence as they can instantly connect with their pharmacist for drug information and service. In the intense competition, pharmacies need to cater to the demand of the customer to survive in the market. This is why mobile apps for pharmacies are gaining immense popularity today.

Nabil Fakih – Patient care and convenience with mobile apps

Nabil Fakih is the owner of Dearborn Heights Pharmacy in the USA. His pharmacy is well-known for its compassionate and friendly pharmacists who are dedicated to their jobs. He says that patients today look for pharmacies that save time and money. This is why many modern pharmacies are switching to digital apps for better service to their customers. The following are the key advantages customers get when they use mobile apps of pharmacies-

  1. Save time– When customers need to quickly refill a prescription, they can save time with a pharmacy mobile app. They do not have to go to the pharmacy in person and wait in the queue. They need to log into the mobile app and follow the instructions to refill their prescriptions or connect with a representative from the pharmacy store.
  2. Convenience- Mobile apps and websites help customers refill their prescriptions from the comforts of any place. With sites and apps, you reduce the hassles they generally face when they come to the pharmacy for refilling their prescriptions.
  3. Improve customer service – Customers are the pillars of any business, and it is here that you can boost yours with apps. When you manage medications on digital platforms, you can enhance customer loyalty. You also can free your own time as there is fewer face to face interactions.
  4. Serve face to face customers better- When you have mobile apps and sites managing your customers online, you can focus more on those customers that visit your pharmacy personally. You can give them more time and help them with drug dosage and information.

When you want to improve customer care, support, and convenience for your pharmacy, mobile apps and sites help you effectively. Business management becomes easier for you, and you can focus on other core tasks of the business. Mobile apps and websites are affordable, and you can always find many service providers to help you.

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The skilled staff at Dearborn Heights Pharmacy point out that customers are more satisfied when you have both an online and local presence. Even if you are a small pharmacy, you should at least have a website so customers can connect and reach out to you with success. In this way, you can improve patient care and business management. You save the time of customers as well as your own time in the pharmacy as you are better placed to offer personalized care to those who visit your pharmacy physically with success!

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