Larry Polhill – 2 Secrets of Inspiring Business Leaders for Success!

2 Secrets of Inspiring Business Leaders for Success


In the real world, being a good business leader is easier said than done. The goal of every person who is leading a business should be inspiring and motivating to others. Good business leaders are highly respected for their skills, and this is why they are considered to be leading examples in the business world.

Larry Polhill – What does it take to become a good business leader?

Larry Polhill has over 30 years of valuable experience in financial mergers, acquisition, and real estate. He is an esteemed consultant and has been associated with reputed companies like Café Valley, Arrowsight Inc, and Inventure Foods Inc. His sound knowledge has helped several middle to large companies to raise capital for expanding and restructuring their organizations with success. He has helped businesses streamline business operations and maximize their growth. He has served as a director, officer and Chairman for a number of businesses in the real estate, food manufacture, consumer product, and retail industries with success. Currently, he serves as asset management and real estate consultant for a major full-service reality franchise called Help-U-Sell Real Estate in the USA. He is known for his exemplary business leadership skills and is respected by his peers in the USA to a large extent.

Two secrets for being a good business leader

Following are two secrets to becoming a good business leader:

  1. Leading with an example- When it comes to being a good business leader, Mr. Polhill says good leaders lead by example. They are professionals that show and not tell. For instance, if you want your employees to be on time, you should be punctual- it does not harm if you can even make it early. If you wish to focus on professionalism as the top priority for your business, it is crucial for you to be dressed for success and have an attitude that reflects your professionalism. The way you conduct yourself also plays a crucial role in success. You need to interact with everyone in person and online with courtesy. Your tone for communication should always be proper so that employees in the company respect you for your attitude and business approach.
  2. Humility- The significance of humility to be a successful business leader can never be underrated. He says there is a big difference from being a boss and a leader. Though both professionals are in charge of the business or team, a boss loves to remain in the spotlight whereas a leader spends more time giving credit to others. To some, this might sound counter-intuitive but being humble requires more effort and confidence than basking in your own glory. When you as a business leader are humble, both your clients and employees will appreciate it greatly.

According to Larry Polhill, a business leader requires time and patience. Every leader faces failure, but the key here is to overcome these failures and climb up the ladder gradually. In short, being a successful leader takes practice, and over time with the above two secrets, one can become inspiring and motivating for everyone around!

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