Jim Feldkamp – 3 Beginner Tips for Nature and Wildlife Photography

Jim Feldkamp - 3 Beginner Tips for Nature and Wildlife Photography


Most people have an avid interest in nature and wildlife photography. They see an image, and it simply takes their breath away. When they see good photographs, they try to imbibe their qualities in their pictures as well. Perhaps, it is a photograph of a landscape captured in the golden light of the setting sun, or it might be a close-up photograph of a small natural flower or plant that one might not have noticed or seen before. In all these photographs, there is one potent question that arises in nature and wildlife photography lovers- how did the photographer capture that?

Jim Feldkamp is a photographer and nature enthusiast. He is also known as James Feldkamp and is an expert in the field of photography and helps beginners know more about how to take better pictures and choose the right gadgets when it comes to nature and landscape photography. Following are three nature and wildlife photography tips that he gives to beginners-

  1. Know the area or the terrain well

He says that when one is starting out as a beginner in the field of the photographer, it is important to know the place or the terrain well. Beginners often make the mistake of not knowing the region well when they wish to take nature photographs. He says that one should always educate themselves when it comes to taking photographs in nature.

  1. Take the right accessories and bag

In order to take the right photograph, every professional should have good-quality photography accessories and cameras. The bag taken is also important as it should contain everything and protect them from the rain. There are good bags available for photography, and most of them are light in weight. However, James Feldkamp says that one does not always have to invest in high priced bags, cameras, and photography accessories for the task. Practice makes professionals perfect. So, one needs to learn what gear to take to the area or terrain to capture nature photography. He says that besides the right gear, one should be aware of the camera he/she uses in order to be comfortable when capturing the image. Learn more about the features of the camera so that one does not miss out on the opportunity to capture the perfect photo!

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes 

A good photographer will wear comfortable clothes and good hiking shoes before taking landscape and nature photography. It is prudent to dress in layers so that one can put on and take off clothes as the temperature changes. When one buys shoes for photography, they should be comfortable, especially when walking long distances. In case, the feet start paining; it is obvious that a photographer will cut the trip short and return back to rest.

Jim Feldkamp sums up by saying that photography is an art, and one should be patient in learning. Practice makes one perfect. One should take as many photographs as possible and study them to identify flaws so that next time, mistakes are corrected and photographs come out as desired!

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