Important Documents When Buying Used Cars

Important Documents When Buying Used Cars


Having purchased a used car does not mean you can just easily drive on the road. It must also have pertinent documents before you can legally take it to the streets. Aside from having a valid driver’s license, car registration and other legal papers are a must. It is for the authorities to identify vehicles, public security, and most importantly to easily deter and solve vehicular involved crimes and incidents.

There could be some dangers in buying second-hand cars or Mini  Lease, especially that you do not have any idea how the vehicle was used by the previous owner. The worst case is that if it was previously used in crimes. Aside from checking the vehicle’s condition, check as well the papers if it’s been updated and registered to the proper authority and jurisdiction. Here are the pertinent documents that you need to check and a must-have when buying a second-hand car. (Check out car dealers near me here)


1.)    Original Copy of Certificate of Vehicle Registration

The certificate of vehicle registration is an official document from the Land Transportation Office. It is proof that the vehicle has been registered. This would mean that if the registration is updated, the vehicle is clean and does not have any incurred fines and violations. Make sure to read every detail of this document. It must contain the make, model, color, engine, and chassis numbers, and other specifications of the vehicle. Make sure it is not fake. Also, makes sure that there is no “encumbered” on the top right corner of the paper. If there is “encumbered,” it means that the previous owner has not settled financial obligations from where the vehicle was bought.

2.)    Original Receipt of Registration

When registering a car, it comes with a receipt. It is proof that you have fully paid the registration process. Check if the details of the receipt are consistent with the Certificate of Registration. Without the OR/CR, do not buy the vehicle, otherwise, you might have problems with authorities in the future.

3.)    Original LTO Plate Number

The plate number on the vehicle should be the original plate provided by LTO. It should have a sticker on the plate that indicates the current year. Make sure to check if there are any signs of tampering or fake plate. You can check on the LTO website the plate number if there are any incursions or violations.

4.)    Notarized Deed of Sale

When buying a second-hand vehicle, a deed of sale is necessary. It is a legal document stating that the seller willingly sold the car and that you willingly bought it. It should be notarized by a lawyer to make the ownership solid. Moreover, it will serve as your protection if there are any legal claims in the future.

It’s a good thing to be legally educated about car ownership especially when owning a second-hand vehicle. Again, make sure that these documents are present and legitimate. Another friendly reminder when registering a vehicle, never subscribe on red tapes or commonly called fixers. You are not only helping the government lose funds but at the same time tolerating and participating in corrupt practices. Now check out better deals at Mini  Secondhand Car.

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