How to Make Your Sliding Patio Doors More Secure

Make Your Sliding Patio Doors More Secure


Sliding doors are an elegant option for any homeowner’s patio. They provide a great view to the outside while offering a seamless sliding movement for going back and forth from your patio to your home. Unlike french doors, sliding doors provide a smooth, noiseless entryway, and considered some of the best patio doors, Renewal NC on the market. However, as nice as they look, they also come with a few security weaknesses that should not be overlooked. If a sliding door isn’t burglar-proofed by a homeowner, it could create a huge home security risk. If you’re having doubts about your sliding patio door’s security features, don’t delay. Get proactive today about securing your door and keeping intruders out.

Secure the Latch

Because of their sideways motion, sliding doors can’t be too complicated when it comes to their opening and closing functions. Most sliding doors employ a simple latch to open and close. Because of this, they are incredibly easy to tamper with and break into from the outside. Many times a latch doesn’t even get closed all the way, creating a huge security breach. When your door can be entered from the outside with a slight push, it’s time to invest in a something a bit more secure. Luckily, there are a number of other options you can purchase to give your door a more firm lock and that extra layer of security. You can install a more complex padlock system that attaches to your door and prevents it from being entered from the outside without a key, or you can install an external lock with a loop structure that makes it almost impossible for an outside break-in.

Get a Door Alarm

Because sliding doors are often stationed in the back of the home, intruders see this as an opportunity for a subtle break-in. When a sliding door is hidden in plain sight, it can present the possibility of a discrete burglary that could happen before a homeowner is even made aware of breaking and entering. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid this. The most efficient way is to invest in a high-grade door sensor that will respond to movement. Many models on the market are easy to install and will let you know the instant someone has tried to cross the barrier into your home. Many of these smaller alarms are equipped to respond to vibrations or the breaking of glass, so you won’t have to worry about being alerted every time there’s a high wind.

Decrease Visibility

Your door may be hidden in plain sight, but once someone sees it, chances are they’ll already have the information they need in order to plan a break in. Your sliding glass door has the advantage of providing a window to the outdoors from inside. It also has the disadvantage of advertising your most valuable possessions to a would-be intruder from the outside. This will also give intruders a good sense of when you come and go and what your home’s vulnerabilities are. This can be a huge asset to a criminal who wants to plan a break-in at a certain time to steal a few specific goods. Even if your sliding door doesn’t give outsiders a view of your valuables, it can still take away from your privacy if left unprotected. If you want to make sure no one feels tempted to break into your home through the sliding door, buy a protective layer like window film. Even a drape or blanket will do the job in a pinch. Prevent outsiders from seeing into your life and studying your movements. Thus, you’ll be protecting yourself from harm.

Install a Security Bar

Sliding doors, because of their side-to-side motion, can be easily dislodged from the outside. Even if you’re using a secure material like fiberglass or vinyl, any intruder with a good grip on your door from the outside can easily dislodge it and make an entry. You can protect yourself from this eventuality by purchasing a basic wooden dowel to act as a blocker and erase any possible wiggle room in your door’s opening path. If you want to go high tech, you can install a security bar that will allow your door to lock into place firmly and securely from inside. While dowels do a great job of jamming your door to make a break-in unlikely, a window bar will adjust to fit your door and will withstand a lot of impact, making the chance of a burglary incredibly slim.

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