How To Improve The Customer Experience (CX) In Your E-Commerce

The Customer Experience (CX) In Your E-Commerce


Customer experience is a global term, and it refers to every interaction that a customer has with a brand across all channels, whether in-store, by phone, or online. 

Customer experience management refers to the way a business evaluates, and ideally improves. 

In the context of e-commerce, customer experience management refers to how a company manages the experiences and interactions that a customer has in their online store.  

What Is The Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is the set of experiences that a customer receives in the process of using and enjoying your brand. Even in the steps to find the service or product that your brand offers.  

Here we include the perception that the client has of your brand: 

  • Where has he met you?     
  • What is reading or listening to
  • How is the process of acquiring the product/service
  • What is the experience of using that product or service? 
  • How is it? The after-sales service.
  • How is support, etc.?

As you can see in the customer experience, many different actions and Branding experts come into play. The product may be great, but the customer service may not be so great. 

It may be that what fails is the support or after-sales service, or the return conditions (in the case of eCommerce). 

Not to mention the use of social networks, online marketing, branding To achieve a good customer experience, all the SEO talks from experts, processes, and phrases must be audited and reviewed from the moment the customer meets us until they hire a service/product and until we get them to become a recurring customer.

What Does The Customer Experience Mean For Your ECommerce

It consists mainly of focusing the strategy on the customer. It is about understanding customers’ needs and what their expectations are, solving their needs at each moment or stage of the buyer journey in your online store.

Remember that the shopping experience of the product you offer is as important as the product itself. 

Here, factors such as the usability of your online store, the support you offer, the information available regarding inquiries, returns, or deliveries come into play. 

Even the emotion or feeling that you manage the experience in the customer when they purchase your product. 

What we achieve by obtaining a good customer experience is a satisfied customer who will become a recurring customer and also recommend our Marketing brand to their friends or acquaintances-essential for the survival of eCommerce.

How Can You Manage And Control The Customer Experience?

As in any other measurement process, the first thing we will need is to set a series of objectives or indicators, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). 

These indicators will help you measure the degree of customer satisfaction in the different contacts with your eCommerce. For this, we recommend these actions: 

  • Establish your business requirements and determine goals.
  • Be clear about who your end users are to offer the correct product and what they are looking for.
  • Select the KPIs necessary to identify problems and points for improvement, depending on the area or channel you want to measure: SEO, SEM, email marketing, support, logistics, web usability, etc.

How To Improve The Customer Experience In ECommerce

We have already seen what the customer experience consists of what it means for your eCommerce and how you can manage and control it. 

Next, we are going to see some key points concerning how you can improve this customer experience, through improvements in your eCommerce.

You can use the UX improvement process by making the information appear more organized, accessible, and usable. 

For instance, if you have an online store, avoid making a complex search system and use a single search bar that allows finding any product on your store by auto-completing with results as the users enter their search.

You can also hire SEO Firm to resolve your problem and bring your website at the top by improving the UX of your store. Or you Highlight the product file section, with all the important information accessible without scrolling, to achieve much greater usability to an increase in conversions and orders.  

Improve Your Product Sheets

A product file of an online store should be as persuasive as possible to generate sales. Most importantly if you are working with images in your store, produce a quality photo of the exact and finished product. 

It is desirable to have photographs from different angles. Your website needs to convey the feeling that you show off what you sell. 

The price must always be clearly visible from the first moment, with VAT (Value Added Tax) and without shipping costs.   

Similarly, the characteristics and specifications below or next to the photograph, such as materials, measurements/sizes, etc should be clear. 

The product file should have the footprint of your store. If someone enters your store, they will identify it as part of it without having to see the logo.

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