Get Thrilled With The Hottest Stealth Horror Game

Get Thrilled With The Hottest Stealth Horror Game


The famous stealth horror game Hello Neighbor is now available. The player can be able to sneak in the neighbor’s house. Start to discover what is hiding in the basement. Players can play against the advanced IA, which learns from the players’ action. A player can start to figure out the secrets of the basement of the neighbor. The advanced AI learns from every move of the player. So, the play will be playing against advanced AI. Are you fun with the enjoyment of climbing at the backyard window? But, players must keep safe because there might be a trap. Do you prefer to sneaks at the front door? Soon, there will be cameras. The Neighbor finds a shortcut and then will catch you.

Download and Install the game

Players must get the hello neighbor free download file full version of the game. It is very important to make sure that the apk file can be official source downloaded. After downloading, it will be installed on your gadget. Yes, the game becomes the hottest stealth horror game since it comes out. The Hello Neighbor is available for your Android and iOS platforms. Players who are using both platforms can download and install the game for free. This is a kind of challenging game like you need to figure out something hidden in the neighbor. A player starts to sneak into the cellar of the neighbor to confirm his/her suspicion. This is not an easy task since the man is so much alert. The primary mechanic of the game is the advanced Artificial Intelligence which letting the neighbor remembers the actions of the players. These actions will be foreseeing the future moves. In order to complete the game, it is essential to avoid detection. The more complicated it becomes the more the player will take the same path. The taken routes are instantly armed with traps, obstacles, and warnings or alarms.

The game controls

The horror game has also the controls just the same as the other games. So, players must learn the game controls before starting the play. The Hello Neighbor controls have a classic first-person game. For the movement of the game, use the WASD keys. This is a normal territory that needs to discover. There are also unexplained controls that players need to learn. Here are some of the other key controls for the game:

  • Hold E. This is done with the reticle is enlarged for picking an object.
  • Hold E. This is when a player faces the locked door.
  • Tap E. This is to open the doors. Also, this is used to hide inside a standing closet/cupboard.
  • This brings a player to the inventory.
  • Hold Tab. The player must hold the Tab and press 1, 2, 3, 4 (number keys) for swapping between the held items.
  • Hold Shift. This is pressed while moving forward in order to sprint when being chased by the neighbor.
  • C and Z. These keys are supposed to learn to look around the corners.
  • Right click. This is to throw/drop an item.
  • Left click. This is to use an item.

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