Five Major Consequences of Car Accidents Apart From Injury

Five Major Consequences of Car Accidents Apart From Injury


When somebody is a victim of a car accident the most obvious consequence is the physical injuries. It is a tough thing to go through nursing the wounds, in other cases, it ends up being a permanent one.

But overlooking the physical effects an accident brings, other effects are just as damaging as an injury.

Here are some of the consequences of a car accident.

Financial impediment

The financial setbacks that are associated with a car accident can be rigorous. In time medical bills pile up. There is also the task of repairing the damaged car, or if it was damaged beyond repair the person might be forced to buy a new one (this happens especially when the car did not have insurance coverage). These expenses can add up to cause a serious setback on a person’s financial situation

Lack of transport

If the car was wrecked in an accident or is awaiting repairs, then it will become difficult as the person might lack transportation. Even doing the simplest of errands like going out to buy groceries or taking children to school becomes hard. It could also put your job in jeopardy since it becomes difficult to have a consistent way of transport to take you to work on time. Therefore, it forces someone to spend on other temporary transportation means like hiring a taxi or rental car which incurs additional costs.

Emotional and psychological destitution

There is also emotional and psychological suffering that comes along with a car accident. Someone may feel upset and blame themselves for it. In other cases when the accident causes a loss of lives, it becomes difficult for those affected by the person’s death to cope with his/her death. The driver may also experience trauma when the accident is severe, and this may have far-reaching effects since they may develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Insurance rate upsurges

Unfortunately, even if the driver was not at fault for the predicament, there is a probable chance your auto insurance company will increase your rates once they find out about the accident. It is astonishing just how much the monthly premium can shoot up even with only one accident in your driving record. This further contributes to the financial struggle already associated with the accident, and it may become difficult to afford your insurance.

Compensation fee

If the driver happened to have caused the accident and it resulted in affecting another person, the driver might be forced by a court of law to compensate the affected. This might take a big toll on the driver’s financial status as compensation fees have been known to amount to big totals.

These are just some of the lesser-known consequences of a car accident.  However, the good news is that you can be eligible for financial compensation for these factors if they apply to you. To make this certain, be sure to act swiftly and obtain professional trusted and legal advice from an attorney. I recommend seeking advice from a car accident attorney in Toledo for further information. It will guarantee that the driver’s best interest will be well represented before moving forward

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