Few Simple Steps to Eliminate All Mites in Carpet

Few Simple Steps to Eliminate All Mites in Carpet


A carpet is usually made by weaving woolen or synthetic fibers densely, to create a soft and fluffy surface that renders a comfortable feel while walking on it. Hence, lots of dust mites get inside the fibers of a carpet and grow there in numbers. Since these tiny bugs can cause several health problems, it is not advisable to have mites in carpet on which all family members tread on all the time. Homemakers do not prefer to use harsh chemicals for killing these pests and thus, they need to follow some easy techniques to eradicate all mites from their carpets.

Vacuum the carpet – It is advised to use only a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, for regularly cleaning the carpet surface. Due to the installation of HEPA filter, this vacuum cleaner prevents the release of dust mites into the air of the room. This cleaning device should be used daily for carpets that are full of these mites and vacuuming after every 2-3 days is sufficient for cleaning mite-free carpets.

Keep moisture free – As dust mites grow quickly in humid areas, the carpets should be thoroughly dried every day, by keeping under a high-speed electric fan for some time or with the help of a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. It is best not to keep any carpet or rug in the places that get frequently wet, like the kitchens, bathrooms, and storerooms. The humidity level of an entire room can be lowered by using air-conditioner or a dehumidifier

Beat up heavily – The carpets or rugs placed in different parts of a house may be beaten up with a stick or broom quite often. This forceful beating brings out all the hidden dust mites from the carpet fibers and makes the carpet mite-free. However, this technique is not useful for woolen carpets that have delicate fibers and extensive embroidery works, as so much beating can damage those carpets.

Use steam cleaner – Steam cleaner is a device that gives out steam on very high temperature to dry-clean upholsteries and carpets. This cleaner is available in any local department or hardware store, at a reasonable cost. This steam kills all the hidden dust mites and frees the carpet fibers from this pest. Some house owners also hire professionals for using a large-sized steam cleaner for annual cleaning of all their carpets.

Wash all other upholsteries – Since dust mites spread easily from one infested material to another, homemakers should wash all the curtains, sofa covers, bedspreads, and even soft toys in hot water while freeing the carpet from this pest. It is advised to do this overall washing after every 2 weeks, to prevent further infestation of mites in carpet.

If all the above-mentioned techniques fail to free the carpets from dust mites, then the only remedy is to take off all those carpets from the floors. It is best to have tile flooring or cover the floor with wooden boards or slate blocks, which will prevent the ailments caused due to dust mites. However, house owners are usually benefitted from these simple ways of eradicating mites from their expensive carpets.

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