Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting an IAS Coaching Centre

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The IAS exam is undeniably the most competitive exam in the country with lakhs of students participating but only a select few making it to the ranks of the coveted Indian Administrative Service.

Some candidates are capable of cracking the vaunted civil services on their own, but there are several others who would excel at the task with crucial assistance. An assistance which can be provided by an IAS Coaching Centre.

There are several factors at play when it comes to choosing the right IAS Coaching Centre.Candidates mostly doubt if the institutes are going to cover the entire UPSC syllabus. What other factors that an aspirant must consider while subscribing to any one coaching centre will be highlighted in great detail in this article.

Pros and Cons of an IAS Coaching Centre

Before we go into details about the factors related to choosing an IAS Coaching Centre it is important to know the pros and cons of an IAS Coaching Centre as it will help a candidate arrive at an informed decision whether enrolling in an IAS Coaching Centre will be beneficial or not.

The Pros and Cons are highlighted in the table below:

Pros and Cons of an IAS Coaching Centre
Pros Cons
Methodical guidance that can cover a vast syllabus in a short period of time Joining an IAS Coaching Centre is costly.
Disciplined approach which ensures regularity in covering the syllabus Quality of teaching may vary from subject to subject
Understanding of basic concepts will be strengthened Little to no time for self-evaluation and study
Evaluation and training for interview will give the necessary edge to ace the IAS Exam Time tables may not be necessarily efficient, as tough subjects are not given top priority

How to Choose the Right IAS Coaching Centre?

Now that the pros and cons of choosing an IAS Coaching Centre  have been understood, let’s take a look at the factors for choosing an IAS Coaching Centre.

1. Identifying Key Subjects: It is important to select a coaching centre that specialises in certain subjects as the quality in teaching may vary between different coaching centres.

2. Quality of the Faculty: One should enquire about the quality of the faculty, specifically the ones that teach the subjects the candidate is weak in. An ideal coaching institute will have an all-rounded faculty that can give quality coaching in all subjects.

3. Feedback on Answer Writing: Since the quality of subject writing may vary from person to person, it is necessary to choose a coaching centre that will help in answer writing as well as give qualitative feedback and evaluation.

4. Regular Testing: An ideal coaching institute will conduct regular tests in order to ascertain the performance of its students.

5. Content of the Course: The Coaching Institute will have an updated course on all the subjects it offers. Therefore, there will be little reliance on reference materials.

6. Location: It will be ideal to select a coaching institute that is at an optimal distance from a candidates residence as it will give more time for self-study.

In the end it’s up to the candidates to select the ideal IAS Coaching Centre based on the factors above or other factors that may suit the candidates requirements. Candidates residing in Chennai can also know about the Best IAS Academy in Chennai at the linked article

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