Dayanna Volitich – 3 Key Traits Which Set Proficient Teachers Apart

Proficient Teachers


Teachers have a very strong influence on their students’ lives than what most people assume. They are the second-most important individuals in their lives after their parents. These pupils are constantly interacting with such professionals. This goes a long way in shaping their personality and character. Prominent experts in the field of education say many aspirants choose this career path. They even go out of their way to be the best in this profession. However, there is only one criterion which distinguishes the good from the bad. This is how well these youngsters perform at the end of each and every academic term.

Dayanna Volitich – What are unique traits does a teacher need to have to stand out?

The staff and students of Crystal River Middle School, Florida, will be familiar with Dayanna Volitich. Many of them may even consider her to be the first-rate teacher. She has been teaching in this premier educational institution for many years. During her illustrious career, she has been able to turn around many pupils with distinct learning disabilities. Today, they have been successful in their academic pursuits.

Those who know Dayanna Volitich say she believes teachers need to have certain inherent qualities. Only then will they can succeed in this challenging profession. In the process, they’ll be able to earn respect and admiration of the student they teach. This is what they want at the end of the day. These people explain she lists the following 3 important traits every teacher should have:

  1. Ability to install confidence in students

Individuals to take up teaching as career understand a fundamental fact. Low self-esteem in students hinders their academic progress. In many cases, these youngsters may show a lot of potentials. With a little bit of encouragement, they can achieve remarkable feats. They may even outperform the best in their class. Proficient teachers are always willing to take up this challenge. They don’t hesitate to put their best foot forward in installing confidence in such pupils. The end results can be a complete surprise to everyone.

  1. Proper classroom management

Most teachers are aware that being effective communicators and knowledgeable in lessons they impart isn’t enough. They got to be able to attract their students’ attention. For this, they need to execute strategies which ensure proper classroom management. They should be to organize their students and study materials in a manner which encourages appropriate learning. Moreover, they should be capable of dealing with all form of misbehavior by these pupils. After all, they are children or adolescents at the end of the day.

  1. Set high standards

Proficient teachers generally set very high yet realistic standards for their students to accomplish. In doing so, they challenge such pupils to make full use of their intellectual abilities. Some of them unconsciously overcome some of their inherent limitations. However, the approach of these professionals is compassionate. They don’t hesitate to alter their teaching methods to suit the needs of these children. On top of this, they install a sense of self-belief in them.

People who close to Dayanna Volitich say she believes proficient teachers share a special bond with their students. These professionals have a lasts impression in the minds of these youngsters. They’ll never forget what the lessons these mentors impart.  However, these individuals can only do so if these posses the above 3 important traits.

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