Black Pearl- Once Found In Every 10000 Oysters

Black Pearl- Once Found In Every 10000 Oysters


Black is dark and absorbs any other color. This strange property makes it interesting. Same goes to a type of pearl which is black in color. They are black, shiny, and rare. They also cost more compared to their counterparts- white pearls. Pearl manufacturers can dye a pearl black, but it will not produce the same look as the natural ones.

Black pearl jewelry is prettier than any other pieces of jewelry present in the store. It is the best gift to make someone feel more precious. These pearls are developed under rarest conditions. A small mistake by the pearl farmers can result in foaming. They have to be cultivated under strict conditions.

How does pearl forms?

  • Whenever a speck of dirt or some unwanted particle gets stuck inside the oyster, it secrets calcium carbonate.
  • The calcium makes a coating around the unwanted particle. When it hardens, it turns into a pearl.
  • Tahitian is responsible for making back pearls. There is a black band in this particular oyster.
  • If the pearl develops near the black strip, then the pearl absorbs the black color from it. These conditions are rear and depend on luck.
  • If the pearl instead of being near to the black strip is comparatively far from the strip, then there is a chance of grey pearl formation.
  • There it absorbs both the black and white color, to give a grey look.

What is the cost?

  • Its cost depends on size, shape, luster, color, and surface quality.
  • These pearls are rated from A to D.
  • A round AAA quality black pearl can cost $140 while the normal white pearl cost $15. These pearls are said to be formed once for every 10000 pearls.

The jewelry made from this rare item can turn the heads of the people in a room.It is strange how the most rarepearl depends on chance and luck to be formed. Due to the rarity of the pearl, we do not see black pearls very often. This is the reason why is costs a lot. But since now artificial pearls are cultivated, we can get the artificial ones more easily as compared to the natural ones.

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