Basic knowledge about coronavirus

Basic knowledge about coronavirus


Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic, spreading fear and uncertainty in people’s lives. COVID-19 virus transmits very quickly affecting respiratory system leading them to mild to serious illness and sometimes death. Health authorities are still researching about this infectious disease, its information and vaccine to cure. Due to not enough information about the virus it is called novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus has tightened its deadly grip around the whole world and there are lots of questions which need answers. Best way to prevent this infection from transmission is be well informed and educated about this virus, its causes, symptoms and care.

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First of all we need to know how it spreads, what are the symptoms, what its cure and so much more.

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses which affect the respiratory system of humans, causing dry cough and lung infection. It is related to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

This is a novel virus COVID-19 that is never found in humans before. SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans in China in 2002 and MERS-CoV was transmitted from camels in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Many viruses affect animals but humans are safe from them until now.

Coronavirus show different symptoms in patients depending on virus and condition of health. But common symptoms are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Some people do not require medical treatment and recover on their own. Howeverin more severe conditions, pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome and sometimes result in death. Elderlyand people with immune deficient are more prone to infect with COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 spread due to the transmission of respiratory droplets or discharge from nose from an infected person to another within close contact, after cough or sneeze. There is yet no vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 and sanitizing and disinfection is highly recommended to decontaminate virus and prevent the spread.

Virus remain on surface for many days and need deep cleaning followed by disinfection to prevent the spread of virus by touching. Many a time the symptoms of COVID-19 do not show in people but they can transmit virus to others merely by touching.

Health authorities are guiding health facilities, special coronavirus cleaning service and sanitizing companies and communities to perform self hygiene, complete sanitization and decontamination of coronavirus. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provided the list of cleaning solutions and EPA registered disinfectants for community and businesses.

World health organization (WHO) recommended the communities to carry out self cleaning practice repeatedly by washing hands for 20 seconds thoroughly. Using of sanitizers on frequent-used personal things like keys, mobile phones, remotes and many others. Infected people should use protective masks and gloves to avoid direct touching and transmitting others. People should practice safe food and avoid close contact with infected person. People are advised to avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose repeatedly by their hands.

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WHO encourages countries to make their health facilities strong and prepare them to win the battle against coronavirus.

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