Ati Ata – Boost Your Success Rates at Studies and Work with Music

Ati Ata - Boost Your Success Rates at Studies and Work


Music has been around since ancient times, and it is a powerful source of entertainment and recreation for men. However, recent studies conducted by scientists and medical professionals across the world have revealed that music has the unique ability to improve productivity and mental performance. Even doctors are using music therapy to treat patients suffering from depression and anxiety. Studies and research have proved music has been able to give the patients better results over a depression or anti-anxiety medicines. The levels of cortisol or the stress hormone in patients significantly fell when they listened to music on a daily basis.

Ati Ata – What kind of music should you listen to when you want to improve mental performance and productivity?

Ali Ata is a well-known Faculty with AAIM Development, and he says that both studies and workers should listen to the right type of music if they wish to improve performance and productivity. He says classical and instrumental music are the right kinds of music that one should listen to if they want to excel in studies. This kind of music improves levels of focus and concentration to a large extent. Again, he adds the tempo of the music improves cognitive ability, especially when it comes to a creative field. There has been researching that has proved that music with a tempo of 50 to 80 beats per minute can boost the creative abilities in people.

Students and scholarship applications – 3 tips for success

When it comes to academic performance, students can boost their memory skills with music. He says that students look for the right grant and scholarship to pursue higher studies, and so they submit applications for the same. He says the following are three tips that will help you stay ahead when you are applying for grants and scholarships-

  1. Apply for as many educational scholarships as you can- Note there are several scholarships and financial grants for education available in the market. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Set aside some hours of your routine to apply for the scholarships every month.
  1. Never quit- Even if you have applied for a scholarship and have not been successful in getting it, do not take it personally or give up. Keep trying, and you will surely win. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully and always stick to the limit of words that have been specified in the scholarship application.
  1. Make early submissions- Never wait for due dates for submitting your applications. Always ensure you make early submissions much ahead of the due date to get selected. Before you submit your application, make sure you proofread it properly. There should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your application.

Ali Ata says that when you are applying for a scholarship or an educational grant, treat it seriously like a part-time job. Set aside some time for filling in and submitting applications and also use music as a stimulant to improve your studies. In this way, you are surely able to win the scholarships that you deserve.

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