10 Perfect Hair Ideas for Short Hairs to Achieve Celebrity Look!

10 Perfect Hair Ideas for Short Hairs to Achieve Celebrity Look!


Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. That’s why many women are spending lots of their precious time fixing their hair on their favorite salon. There are various things to consider to match a woman’s hair cut with their face and body built.

If you have long hair and wanted to look fresh and younger, this article will give you some Hairdressing Ideas for short hair to achieve celebrity vibes.

Here are the following hair ideas that you’ll surely love!

  1. Brushed-Down Pixie

Pixie cuts can be surprisingly versatile when it comes to women’s face. It’s perfect if the hair is slicked all to one side for a more formal look vibe. You can also use a gel to keep your hair in place without getting your hair look to look stiff.

  1. Side Swoop Short Hair Cut

A haircut which hair is brushed-out with a little wavy vibe on the left side. The wave adds a retro vibe on the side part.

  1. The Popular Half Bun

The half bun is not only for older woman. It is also perfect for young ones like you who only have limited time fixing their hair but wanted to have amazing looking hair. If you have thinner hair, it’s best to curl the end of the hair to gives an illusion for thicker hair.

  1. Voluminous Loose Waves

Your hair must hit below the ears and put a side-parted style on the left part of your hair. This is perfect for super-short hair such as bob or lob cut. To add a perfect loose wave on your hair, you need to use a curling wand.

  1. Beach Vibes Waves

Beach waves are not only meant for long-haired girls. It’s also a good fit for short-haired girls too! Just use a curling iron or hair straightener to achieve this beautifully perfect style.

  1. Elegant Looking Braided Bangs

A braided-bangs is a perfect camouflage for short hair that’s continuously growing out.

  1. Classic Center Braided

If your pixie cut is growing out rapidly, this can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there’s a hairstyle which can perfectly pull out the best aura of this untamed pixie cut of yours.

Simply braid a pulled-back style on the hair. It’s an easy way to remodel your short haircut without being awkward on the stage.

  1. Fierce-Looking Pompadour

Yes! Even women can rock pompadour!

Pompadour can shows off your pretty gorgeous face compared to other hairstyles. Just match it with a powerful smoky eye shadow and you’re good to go.

  1. Lazy Top Knot

You may probably think that top knots are for long-haired people only, but behold, it’s possible too for short-haired girls.

Achieve this look by just popping your hair up into this messy and lazy top knot.

  1. Straight and Smooth Bob

Be classy and elegant. Achieve this look to bring out the shininess of your hair. Don’t forget to a apply a nice cat eye for a bigger classy look impact!

The Bottom Line

To achieve the following hairstyles mentioned above, you’ll need to look for a good salon near you. Hire good Hairdressers near Brunswick Victoria in order to achieve a celebrity look-a-like vibe for short-haired girls like you.

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