What to Do if the Engine Breaks Down? Repair or Replacement?

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Overtime with long-term operation of a vehicle inevitably leads to the wear of the elements. Moreover, when small parts can be replaced cheaply, installing a whole new engine can be very expensive. This is the reason many car owners go for repair options rather than motor replacement. However, a problem arises, because in most cases, engine repair is more expensive than installing a brand new car part rebuilt after disassembly. So it is essential to weigh the pros and cons before heading toward the best car service in Bangalore for change or repair.

Five reasons to refuse to replace the engine

In all cases, diesel engines are more expensive than petrol engines, and this is why some car owners believe it is worth changing the unit even if the repairs are possible. However, this should not be considered as the main argument in favor of quality repairs. And all because:

  1. It is very challenging to determine the residual life of a used engine exactly. If the motor is sold without any repairs after disassembly, then its resources will be about 25%. An exception will be engines from cars involved in an accident, but only if they did not cross 100 thousand km of run. Most often, cars that are handed over for disassembly generally have worn-out engines. In car repairs in Bangalore, they are subjected to compression and offered for subsequent replacement, but these engines are not offered to guarantee that they will last for a long period.
  2. When the car engine is left unused for a long time, then its residual resources are reduced. Unfortunately, such occurrence is common because engine elements get clogged during storage in the warehouse, and the lack of greasing makes the motor unusable.  Accordingly, if you wish to change the engine to a new one, then you must make sure that it was taken from another car 10-15 days before your visit to the car workshop.
  3. Most often, all the car engines have hidden defects. If the car engine is removed from the car after an accident, there are chances of microcracks in its parts. In the first 1000 km of run, these defects will manifest themselves. Moreover, in such cases, it will be on you to prove that these breakdowns occurred through no fault of yours.
  4. Before replacing the engine, you need to check it must fully comply with the engine of your brand and model of car. If you are choosing the engine from the same car model, then it’s your responsibility to make sure that no replacements have been made in it. Otherwise, the car will malfunction while driving.
  5. An engine chosen from another vehicle may have open circuits in the power system or electronics, which even the mechanic may not notice while making diagnostics. However, while on the road, such a problem can easily lead to a short circuit in the wiring or failure of sensors, leading to emergencies.

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