Some Benefits of Car Parking Lifts of Dock Square Parking Garage

Some Benefits of Car Parking Lifts of Dock Square Parking Garage


The necessity of automatic parking lifts commenced with the constant rise of the number of cars and the lack of existing space where they could be parked. It offers a cheap and hassle-free solution to this problem. Depending on the layout of the model, the accessibility of space can be enhanced by almost 30%.

The major components that consist of any multilevel parking lifts like Dock Square Parking Garage are as follows:

  • A shuttle for the horizontal movement of vehicles.
  • An elevator to move cars in the vertical direction.
  • Integral Lift Trolley, or ILT, is beneficial for transferring cars from parking bays to the solid floors.
  • A turntable for turning the car by 360 degrees to help the driver in discovering the exit route.
  • The benefits of installing semi-automated, or even fully automated parking lifts are asserted below.

Financial Alleviation

For car fans, a parking lift of Dock Square Parking Garage is an absolute requirement. A good car lift permits easy availability to all the various parts of the car. Such a car lift is very efficient when it comes to assuming any kind of repair work. More often than not, it is noticed that car owners have to recourse to the support of car mechanics even when the repair work that requires to be done is nothing significant. By using a car parking lift, the owner can carry out the minor repair work like changing the tire, or oil in the engine himself/herself, and thus save on the extra cost of appointing a mechanic.

Space Optimization

Car lifts assist in better utilization of vertical space, thus, reversing the requirement of horizontal development of the garage. Four post car parking lifts are perfect for the purpose parking two cars, one above the other, without increasing the floor area. These four post lifts are both reliable and durable and can provide admirable service for years at an end. These lifts have various locking systems and are competent of bearing much weight. New technological advances like the four post caster kits and custom drip-trays improve the versatility and functionality of these vehicle lifts.

Aside from better utilization of space, car fans in Boston can utilize these parking lifts to exhibit their collection. Four post lifts have high resilience and can maintain the weight of heavy cars for months and years at an end. Consequently, these lifts can also be utilized to showcase one’s compilation of automobiles.

Safety Benefits

Apart from enhancing the functionality of a garage space, parking lifts of Dock Square Parking Garage are also essential for safety functions. They offer a workable alternative against hazardous service methods. Hence, before investing in a specific model, it is sensible to study the fire prevention and safety capabilities that the design enables. The interlocking systems hold the posts in place and guarantee the protection of the cars.

Parking lifts are advantageous for both commercial use and residential use. It is therefore vital to choose the right type of lift for the garage, keeping in consideration, the capacity to bear weight and space constraints.

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