Signs that indicate it is time to upgrade your commercial floor mats

floor mats


Although they may seem trivial, door mats serve multiple purposes. They not only give the space a stylish appearance but also keep bacteria and dirt out of the area. Businesses can avoid trips and falls, which are costly and very expensive. The long-term savings in cost and time can be made by using sturdy mats made from the right material.

Upgrade your doormat:

It is time to replace your old doormat if it isn’t helping you with these tasks. Ultimate Mats has high-quality mats that will fit your needs. These mats are a top choice for durable, high-quality doormats and commercial mats.

Their waterhog doormat is their top-selling brand. You can browse the various doormat styles and choose one that suits your space. Every material serves different purposes. Make an informed decision.

Why is it so important to replace the door mat?

  • Prepare for the worst:Floors can be slippery in winter and rainy seasons. It is a good idea to switch to weather-specific water absorbent mats that can only be used during specific seasons.
  • Happy employees: A new mat adds a fresh touch to any space. It can withstand heavy traffic. It would be a great idea to install one that is anti-fatigue. This would show your employees that you care and motivate them to work more.

When is it time to replace your mats?

After a point, every mat needs to be replaced. Mats come with a replacement plan after which they are no longer reliable. Depending on traffic, the mats can wear out before the replacement program. Every business must regularly assess their mat’s condition. You should be looking out for signs that indicate that your mat needs to be replaced.

  • Faded mats:Faded mats are not only unappealing visually, but also a sign that fibers have been degraded.
  • Broken or worn edges: These not only look bad but are also dangerous. Since the anti-skid rubber has worn away, your employees are no longer protected against slips and falls.
  • The mat keeps moving: It is not a good idea to have a mat that moves around all the time. This means that the mat’s stability is affected by damage to the underside of its mate.
  • Mats with flat surfaces: Mats that have a flat surface texture lose their ability to trap dust particles. This can lead to dirt accumulation in your space.
  • Signs of moisture loss in the room: If you see footprints all over the room, this means that your mat is not absorbing water as well and that your mat is in need of an upgrade.

Businesses usually upgrade their carpet before peak season, such as Christmas, if they anticipate more traffic. It gives their space an easy upgrade. If your carpet starts to show signs of wear, it is time to replace it.

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