Send Flowers to Japan

Send Flowers to Japan


Japan an island country in East Asia also known as the land of the rising sun is located in the Northwest Pacific ocean border on the west by the Sea of Japan makes the land a place to visit. It extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the North to the Eastern region of the China Sea and in Taiwan towards the south. The culture of Japan is a composite of different traditional values and norms. Seasons mainly theme the Japanese culture and they reflect the passage of time. People in Japan enjoy every occasion and public holiday with zest and zeal. Flowers are one of the major concerns of Japanese tradition and culture. The pretty colorful blooms are like mirrors to the season. Fitting we flower viewing is a popular activity conducted in Japan as flowers are majorly seen in animal festivities. As Cherry blossoms surround most of Japan the land is indeed covered with a blanket of colorful petals. This flower holds significant importance in Japanese flower symbolism to such an extent that there is a special festival to celebrate its arrival in spring. It is also a representation of gentleness and kindness like all the individuals of Japan. The land of Japan is hence a sight to see. This makes it one of the most commonly visited countries throughout the world where tourism also is quite exciting.

The blooming periods for most of the popular flowers in Japan include months starting from February till September. One important point that cannot be ignored is that Japan extends north to south for nearly 3500 kilometers which is why particular flower species might blossom at different times across various regions at the same time in the country according to the climate. Cherry blossom is the most popular flower throughout Japan followed by tulips and roses. Roses defect romantic emotion in Japanese culture especially on romantic events such as Valentine’s Day. You might want to give a bouquet of red flowers to your partner and enlighten them with the love you hold for them in your heart. As for tulips they manifest friendship and Goodwill for those who are closely associated whether at work or family. Different flowers in Japan are appreciated for their specialty at different times of the year. Flower parks and various other botanical gardens are usually put there for the public to enjoy flower viewing. Temples and shrines in the country are also seen to be famous for particular flowers.

Other commonly gifted sending flowers to Japan include chrysanthemum, peony, lotus, and carnation. Chrysanthemums symbolize the emperor and imperial family in Japan and also appear on the imperial seal. It is also said to display longevity and strengthening of relationships. Peony is also known as the king of flowers symbolizes power, gratitude, and fortune. Moreover, it is often believed that there is nothing more enchanting and spiritual than a lotus flower in Japan as it is a representation of purity of speech, soul, body, and thoughts. Lastly, conditions are a manifestation of love fascination and distinction. They are given only to those without whom there would be no life. Giving a bouquet of carnations to your mother on mother’s day highlights the importance of these flowers.

With life so busy and tough it is difficult to figure out the time for our family or other close associates. In such cases, it is important to understand that there are various other online delivery services available to facilitate you throughout the world. While sitting in any corner of the world you can now place an order for a bouquet that can be sent to the desired destination in Japan. For any of your friends or relatives living in Japan, there is good news. They need not feel lonely and sad anymore for online delivery is there to cheer them up with a bouquet right at their doorstep. Your presence can now be felt through these fascinating and exquisite flowers to Japan. This is how distance just remains a number and relationships strengthen through affection and warm emotions. Go to your favorite online flower delivery service and please your loved ones by sending them either a bouquet or basket of freshly arranged flowers.

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