How to choose the best chandeliers ceiling fan for your living


Chandeliers have evolved from ordinary light fixtures to include a fan for cooling. This is used to enhance that subtle cool feel of the chandelier. Offering the best of both worlds, many of these combo chandelier/fan fixtures come with great energy savings and many other benefits.

This is mainly why many homeowners fancy this light and cooling combo system. However, because of their relative newness in the market, many people lack a basic idea of how best to buy one for their homes. Before you jump into a full-fledged shopping session, you need to find out the

How to choose ceiling fan chandelier

Before you fully take the plunge to size up every chandelier/fan hybrid system out there, you should know what it takes to get one of these amazing combo systems. This guide will help you make the right decision when shopping for a chandelier/fan hybrid.

1). What size of chandelier/fan system should you buy?

Do not choose a chandelier/fan system that is either too small or too large. Before you go out to buy chandelier fan combo systems is to measure out the space where you want them. Evaluate the square footage of your living room by multiplying the height with the width. The area (square footage) of your room, will help you determine the span of the blade that you need. As a guide, the table below shows the valuesOnce you have that sorted, it is important to note that you should omit at least 18 inches of space from the edge of every fan blade to all wall sides. This should give you enough clearance to use the leftover headroom for other fixtures or things.

2). How would you like it mounted?

Apart from considering the width and length of your hybrid systems, one other thing that you would want to consider is the general height of the fan/chandelier fixture. The lower level of the chandelier should be a minimum of seven feet clear from the floor. Taller ceilings should be close to about ten feet. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the way you mount the chandelier/fan combo system will vary. There are various mounting options as the “hanger wire/pole” can be elongated or shortened to suit the ceiling-floor height space of living rooms. Some homes have sloped ceiling systems, you will be needing extra mounting kits for this type of chandelier/fan combo system.

3). Choose your CFM rating

One more factor to consider when buying the chandelier/fan combo system is the airflow quantity. Each fan comes with their CFM ratings. CFM means cubic feet per minute: this means the quantity of air that the fan is capable of moving per minute. The right CFM rating for your fan depends on the square footage of the room. This table shows a quick rundown of the ratings

 Choosing the right lighting system

If you need to know how to choose ceiling fan chandelier for your living room spaces, you should consider how much light you have in your room. Before you begin the process of shopping, you should inspect the amount of light you have in your room. Consider the other sources of light that you have in your living space. This includes everything from existing light fixtures, lamps, windows, and so on.

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