Guide About Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10 in reference to the Supplier Search

Helium 10 in reference to the Supplier Search


You’ll need to locate a manufacturer to build the goods once you’ve found the idea for the item you want to sell on Amazon. One of the most important choices you will make for your Amazon business is selecting, vetting, and negotiating with a supplier in terms of both money and developing relationships. You can bet that Helium 10 and Jungle Scout will have resources to assist you. You can Go Now to Amazon website to learn more.

It’s important to note that compared to Helium 10, Jungle Scout divides up their Amazon product research tool differently. For instance, the Opportunity Finder tool from Jungle Scout enables users to enter a category or collection of statistics (such as search traffic) to explore niches (keyword umbrellas) and how likely they are to succeed in the current market. Even an “average units sold history” is included in this Amazon FBA tool to provide additional context for your product research.

Offering their Supplier Database is Jungle Scout. Users of this practical Amazon FBA tool can conduct searches by product, business, supplier, or ASIN to connect merchants with the ideal product sourcing specialist. On the other hand, the Chrome Extension includes a function called the Helium 10 Supplier Finder. This button just directs users to Alibaba, the biggest online marketplace for product sourcing. Finding suppliers is a process that is more about the journey than the final destination. Helium 10 and Jungle Scout both use various databases to assist Amazon sellers in achieving their objectives.

Trend Spotting Resources

The Category Trends tool is one area where Jungle Scout provides a capability that Helium 10 does not. Users can investigate which category is best suited to attach to their new Amazon product using Jungle Scout’s Category Trends feature. You can use this Amazon seller tool to browse the top 100 items in each parent category and subcategory according to best sellers rank (BSR). You can also view this data over the previous three days in historical perspective.

Final thoughts

Despite the fact that Helium 10 doesn’t have a version of this tool, its tool suite can nonetheless theoretically provide you with the same information. You might utilize the Black Box tool to conduct a search and limit the results to only those from BSR 1–100 to find it. In addition, Helium 10 provides Trendster, a simple-to-use application that enables customers to directly contrast Google Trends with Amazon BSR trends to gain more insight.

A product finder for Amazon (FBA) is a tool that helps merchants finds items they might be able to offer through their shop. This program aims to reduce the amount of guesswork and time needed for you to locate a lucrative product. A quick and efficient way to locate new Amazon products with the potential to be best-sellers is to use an Amazon product finder like Helium 10’s Black Box.

With Helium 10’s Black Box, you can quickly locate goods that are popular on Amazon (i.e., have a high number of sales and big revenue potential). Black Box presently follows the current sales demand of over 2 billion products and obtains this valuable data directly from Amazon.

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