German Trujillo Manrique – Lessons One Can Learn from Soccer

German Trujillo Manrique


Soccer is an exciting game, and it is simple for everyone to learn. However, one should note that soccer carries with it some useful life skill lessons that improve one’s quality of life. In fact, if you are a parent, you should introduce your child to the sport. Soccer helps a child to develop socially and physically. This is why schools and colleges have football coaches to help kids learn the life skill lessons of football as well as play the sport.

German Trujillo Manrique – what does soccer teach you?

German Trujillo Manrique is a passionate fan of soccer and lives in Miami, Florida. He is fond of the sport and keeps track of both national and international tournaments across the world. Besides soccer, he is a beachcomber and enjoys taking long walks with his friends and dog along the beach. He believes that soccer is one of the best sports to teach you survival skills that are indispensable for a good life. One of the most fundamental lessons in soccer is teamwork.

This is not a one-person sport. It involves the whole team playing against another team. Every player in the team has a significant role to play in the tournament. The defender will stop the opponent from scoring a goal; the mid-fielders provide support to the defenders. They are the ones that spread out the play and serve as a link to their attackers whose main motto is to score a goal. In soccer, a player should trust his team-mate. It takes experience and the skills of all the players to create the team. Football coaches state that it is crucial for one to realize the importance of staying in the team and contributing one’s skills to its development and success.


Football teaches you discipline. Soccer is a game where tremendous self-control is required. You cannot take the game in your own hands, nor can you be emotional on the field. If one wishes to become successful in life, discipline is one of the factors that help him do so. A man without discipline cannot be successful.

Hard work

Soccer also teaches you the value and the fruits of hard work. You need to work very hard, physically, and mentally to become a good soccer player. Likewise, in life, you can never enjoy the fruits of success when you do not work hard. Nothing comes in a platter for you- it should be earned!

Last but not least, according to German Trujillo Manrique, in order to be successful in soccer, you must be willing to go the extra mile. Likewise, in life, if you have the desire and zeal to attain something, you must be ready to give everything you have. When you focus on your dreams and work hard, success is inevitable. To be a good person in life, you must work on yourself and playing soccer is one of the best things to can do to yourself as it teaches you how to survive with success!

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