Defending You Against Speeding Charge

Defending You Against Speeding Charge


The company’s solicitors specialize in the presentation of motorists charged with a range of speeding offenses and ready to use unparalleled information on police enforcement innovation. 

The penalty for speeding

The endorsement of 3 punishment points and including a £100.00 punishment if a speeding offense is dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice. And the penalty for speeding is a maximum fine of £1000.00 if a speeding offense is prosecuted before a magistrates’ court and also the endorsement of between 3 and 6 penalty points or disqualification from driving. Both the fine and number of punishment points will be dictated by the speed when deciding the suitable punishment the judges will be guided by the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines. In the event that you are accused of an offense of speeding before a Magistrates’ Court and are concerned about the penalty which may be imposed and contact the company for advice without any consultation fee.

Fixed penalty notices for speeding

In the option in contrast to offering a speed mindfulness course or formal indictment, the police have the prudence to offer a FIXED PENALTY NOTICE (FPN) before the magistrate’s court. The Fixed Penalty Notice requires for speeding offenses a punishment of £100 and underwrites 3 punishment points. This Fixed Penalty Notice is a regulatory option to either a Speed Awareness Course or formal arraignment before a magistrates’ court and it is significant the realize that the punishment which the court will impose is often more extreme than that of the Fixed Penalty Notice. You may dismiss an FPN by just not accepting it or officially completing the back of the notice requesting a court hearing.

How speeding solicitor help you

A speeding solicitor can help you in the event that you have gotten a fixed discipline to see or a court summons and you needed to challenge the indictment or breaking point the punishment which will be constrained. Specialists give a temporary appraisal of any grounds for each situation for testing your prosecution, likelihood accomplishment and the potential punishments which might be exacted. Solicitors utilize their experience and mastery in safeguarding road traffic indictments to guarantee the best outcome for you. This defense includes straight forward factual defenses like “I wasn’t speeding”, to a more technical including the use of speed detection equipment, the service of a document, the application of speed limits, and the admissibility of evidence. The company solicitors have defended many motorists facing prosecution and have protected their license. Solicitors will mitigate any sentence which may be imposed if you accept that you were speeding, this includes arguing “special reason” as to why points should not be constrained or then again influencing the court that yours is a case that can be tended to by way for the endorsement with fewer punishment points or in more serious cases convincing the court to endorse your license with points in the option to disqualification. You can call the specialists for guidance in the event that you have an inquiry about a speeding matter and a no-commitment consultation to support you.

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