Aluminum Ladders and Other Varieties: Tips to Use Them All Safely

Aluminum Ladders and Other Varieties: Tips to Use Them All Safely


The truth is that too many homeowners out there hurt themselves every year because they used a ladder improperly. Using a ladder should involve some basic safety rules and unless they are followed, chances are that there will be accidents. That is why it is important to know how to use aluminum ladders and other varieties of ladders safely every time.

Safety in mind

Climbing and using a ladder is potentially dangerous and one should always take preventive steps to ensure safety.

  • Stepladders are the most common products homeowners buy and it is important to buy one of the right size. There are several sizes available and the right fit is the one that will ensure safety.
  • When a stepladder is opened, it should be checked at first whether the two hinged metal braces are straight and locked down.
  • If there is uneven ground, it is important to remember never to put on a ladder in that place. Even surface is a necessity for safety ladder use.
  • It is best to not sit or stand on the highest rung of the stepladder. It can be tempting to do so but it is good to avoid the highest rungs of the ladder no matter what task one is doing. When it comes to platform ladders though, this does not apply because such a type is meant for standing at the top.
  • A person should always climb on the front side of a ladder and never from the back. Also, two persons should never climb on one ladder at the same time. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
  • One should be standing in the between the two rails to ensure that it does not topple off.
  • If one has been using a hammer or other tools, it is important to remove everything before moving the ladder. This is so basic but many people forget to do it with the result that a tool comes and hits them on the face!

The right type of ladder

Buying the right type of ladder is essential. There is no dearth of choices available and it is necessary to choose one that goes with the jobs one has in mind. For most jobs around the house, such as reaching the attic or the top shelves of the kitchen, a platform ladder may be just right. However, if one is thinking of doing a partial reroofing job on his own, it is best to go with a roof ladder. The material for the product is also an important consideration. Aluminum ladders offer one safety, security and longevity so choosing them can be the right decision in most cases. However, there are other choices available as well.

It is best to go with a manufacturer who builds high-quality ladders. When safe equipment is used, the chances of encountering accidents lessen.

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